This integrated circuit provides a charge pump and ASK/PSK demodulation/modulation for self powered or passive backscatter applications. The device meets FCC 47CFR18.307 for transmit power level.

The MSRFIF operates from 50 Hz up to 250 MHz. The MSRFIF requires no batteries to function. The devices is powered by RF energy from the reader. The RFIF has a voltage output for powering microcontrollers, preamps and other circuits. The MSRFIF includes the duplexer for a transmitter and receiver to share the same antenna.

Demodulated data is provided on the DEMOD pin or pad for connection to a microprocessor for decoding. The MOD1/2 inputs provides modulation of the ID from the microprocessor.

No battery is needed for low power processors (less than 50 uA). A received signal strength detector keeps the logic off until a strong enough signal is received. PDO output provides a trigger only when RSSI is activated.


  • Up to 250 MHz Operation
  • AM Demodulation and AM modulation with pin selectable AM modulation depth
  • Bi-Phase PDK demodulation
  • Receive Signal Strength Indicator
  • Power Saving Circuit
  • 8 Pin Package or die form
  • DC output for low power controllers (50 uA)


  • Remote Medical Reading and Monitors
  • Theft Detection
  • Security Systems
  • Inventory Control
  • Access Cards
  • Automotive Key Identification
  • Pet Identification
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Airline Baggage Identification
  • Sensor Transceiver