MSMXVHF - High Frequency Mixer and Selectable VHF Lowpass/Bandpass Filter Print E-mail

The MSMXVHF Mixer with selectable high frequency  lowpass/bandpass filter IC is a CMOS chip that has an independent mixer for IF functions.  The output of the mixer can be tied to either a lowpass or a band-pass filter.  The lowpass response can be a 6 pole Butterworth, Elliptic or Bessel filter.  The band pass response can be a six pole full, 1/3 or 1/6 octave bandpass filter. The device uses switched-capacitor filters and no external components (except for decoupling capacitors) are required, Two external clocks are needed for the mixer and filter functions.  Lower current, and lower frequencies are pin selected.

An external selectable gain setting pin, along with a power down and clock to corner ratio select pin are also included.



Low Voltage: 3.0 VDC
Ultrahigh Frequency Mixer (UHF)
Six Filter Types In One Package
No External Components
Switched-Capacitor Filters
Very High Frequency Filter Operation
Selectable Gain 0, 10 or 20 dB
Small Package Size
On Chip Power Save Pin
ANSI Compatible Bandpass


Spectrum Analyzers
General Purpose Systems
Portable Systems
Anti-Alias Filters
Tracking Filters
Harmonic Analysis
Noise Analysis
Data Communication
Wireless Applications


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