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On May 13, 2010 MSI presented a technical paper at the annual fuze conference, held this year in Kansas City, Missouri. The paper was titled RF Programmable Signal Processor System for Fuze Programming. This paper features the MSRFIF Radio Frequency Interface Front End device, a standard product IC from MSI. Here is the technical abstract from that paper:

Present programming of fuzes is done with either mechanical switches or inductive programming.  As fuzes are developed for smaller arms; these techniques are too large for remote programming.  A new technique of programming filter shapes and correlator values are needed.   This paper will present a radio frequency demodulator integrated circuit for use in remote programming of fuzes.  The RF demodulator requires no external power and rectifies and limits the input signal power to produce 2.4 V; enough to power external logic and processors.  This will allow fuze data to be programmed without enabling the battery, just before flight.   The data can then be loaded into the fuze after the fuze and battery powers up or fuze is launched and propeller spins.  The storage time for the data is determine by the amount of RF energy applied to the RF demodulator and the size of the storage capacitor, enabling different storage times for various applications.

Here is the complete paper in PDF format.



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