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The Controller Programmable Sensor Interface (MSCPSI) is a hybrid package containing two CMOS integrated circuits for processing signals from either a sensor or MEMS device. Small analog signals  are amplified, anti-aliased, and filtered before being converted into a digital signal output by the MSCPSI. These processing functions are controlled by an internal PICTM processor through the MSCPSI's on-chip serial interface. The MSCPSI also includes offset adjust, low power modes and an on-chip temperature sensor. 

The input is fed into a low noise amplifier followed by two 6th order Elliptic switched capacitor anti-aliasing filters. The gain of the filter is controllable via the serial interface up to 18 dB (6 dB steps). The next stage is a 6 pole Butterworth switched capacitor highpass filter, also with up to 18 dB of controllable gain. Following this is a 7th order Elliptic switched capacitor lowpass filter. These internal filters can be bypassed via the serial interface. The 12 bit, 160 ksps A-to-D converter provides a digital output. 

The MSCPSI operates with a supply voltage from 3.3 VDC up to 5.5 VDC. It is available in a 64 pin LQFP Package with an industrial temperature range.



  • Low Power Modes
  • Low Noise Input: <30 nV/(Hz)1/2 at 100 Hz
  • Anti Alias Filter with Adjustable Gain
  • Lowpass Filter with Adjustable Gain Stage
  • Programmable SC Highpass Filter with Gain Adjust
  • Programmable SC Lowpass Filter with Gain Adjust
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Offset Adjust
  • 12 bit 160 ksps A-to-D Converter 4 input Mux
  • 14-bit PICTM Processor with 2k FLASH memory
  • 10-bit 10 ksps A-to-D Converter w/ 5 input Mux


  • Low Noise Sensors
  • MEMS Interface
  • Accelerometer Sensing
  • Pressure Sensing
  • Vibration Sensing
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Test Equipment Cards/Data Acquisition Cards

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