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High Performance General Purpose Filters | Audio and Video Products | Communications and Specialty Products

High Performance General Purpose Filters

MSELP* Switched Capacitor Elliptic Lowpass Filter
MSEPAF Electrically Programmable Active Filter
MSHFS1-6* Selectable High Frequency Lowpass/Bandpass Filter
MSFS1-6* Selectable Lowpass/Bandpass Filter
MSHN1-6* Selectable Highpass/Notch Filter
MSLE/B5L/M* Switched Capacitor General Purpose Lowpass Filter
MSLFS Selectable Low Voltage Lowpass/Bandpass Filter
MS2LFS* Dual Selectable Low Voltage Lowpass/Bandpass Filter
MSRAAF Resistor Programmable Active Audio Filter
MSNBLP* Switched Capacitor Butterworth Lowpass Filter
MSRAHF Resistor Programmable Active High Frequency Filter
MSU1F1-4, MSU2F1* Resistor Programmable Universal Active Filter
MSU1HF1-4,MSU2HF1* High Frequency Resistor Programmable Universal Active Filter
MSMXVHF* High Frequency Mixer and Selectable VHF Lowpass/Bandpass Filter
MSVHFS* Selectable Very High Frequency Lowpass/Bandpass Filter


Audio and Video Products

MSVL14 14 MHz Video Lowpass Filter
MSLOSC* 15 Hz to 64 kHz All Silicon Sine Source
MSGEQ5A* Five Band Graphic Equalizer Display Filter
MSGEQ7* Seven Band Graphic Equalizer Display Filter


Communications and Specialty Products

MSFIPS* FIPS-140 Level 4+ Security Supervisor
MSLSA* Low Power Spectrum Analyzer
MSSCSA* Single Chip Spectrum Analyzer
MSTHDA* Total Harmonic Distortion Analyzer
MSCBT Communications Baseband Transceiver
MSCPSI Computer Programmable Sensor Interface
MSSPSI Smart Programmable Sensor Interface
MSRFIF* Radio Frequency Interface Front End
MSDET* Tone Detector

* Evaluation Board Available



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